Muhammad Valiant Adyaraka

so finally the stork dropped a baby on our doorstep. a healthy baby boy with 3000 gr weight and 46 cm long. and after quite sometime... i cried. happily!! here are some screen shots.

Lovely isn't he? i spread the happy news to friends and family collecting good wishes and prayer. exactly what i need...

I was in a train to Jogja when Missus told me that she's admitted in the hospital. the train did not stop in cirebon!! my fellow passengers calmed me down and said that I could catch the train back to Jakarta in Purwokerto. however before we reached Purwokerto the train slowed down and there was another train on the other track heading for Jakarta. before in Cirebon the train slowed down but did not stop at the station. fearing that the same thing would happen again, I jumped down and ran to the opposite train hurriedly climbed to an opened door. it was one thirty.
"What is the fastest way to be there?" I really wanted to be there when the baby was born. the train did not stop in Cirebon also. besides at three in the morning I would have trouble finding a bus to Merak. with public transport from Gambir would be too long too. I needed to be there ASAP. I did not know the flight schedule and could be delayed. BIKE!!! I would ride to Lampung!! it was early in the morning anyway, so the streets would be empty. I took out my PDA and browsed for a route from Jakarta to Merak. a forum for Tiger riders gave me one.
as soon as the train stopped I ran out of the station. grab the first ojeg I saw, no time to bargain. I took out the bike and sped up to Merak. it was five thirty.
My dad called me when I reached Tangerang. I took his offer to go with him. hurriedly called my sister and asked her to drive me to Cilegon. well... eventually I drove to Lampung with my dad.
I arrived at twelve thirty. Missus was holding up. the baby indeed was waiting for me. five hours afterward... the Valiant Warrior was born. it was six thirty five. twenty nine march two thousand and eight



11:36 AM

what a journey... salut!!! guess you'll never know your own limit until the condition force you to decide...and make a move.. good for you Rif!!!


7:55 AM

Wowww... *speechless*